Kris Magers Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Kris Magers

Kris Magers began his BJJ training under Saulo Ribeiro, Alexandre (Xande) Ribeiro and Chris Blanke in January of 2002. He strongly promotes a team mentality, and cares first and foremost for the safety and welfare of his students. Kris’s ability to explain and present technique in a fun and engaging manner makes him an excellent instructor.??Kris began teaching as an assistant instructor at RJJA – Toledo before opening URSA Academy/Ribeiro – Ann Arbor in May 2010. He enjoys instructing men, women, and children of all ages and looks forward to coaching and developing “Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu soldiers.”

Kris invites anyone to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu regardless of body type, weight, age, or profession. Kris believes, “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will help anyone to build confidence, lose weight, build muscle, and of course have fun!”

Kris actively competes at regional, national and international tournaments. He views competing as a way to study jiu-jitsu and develop as both a competitor and an instructor.

Black Belt Lineage: Helio Gracie – Royler Gracie – Saulo & Xande Ribeiro


  • 09/2011 – Received Black Belt from Saulo Ribeiro & Chris Blanke
  • 09/2011 – 1st place – American National – Brown Belt, Masters, ult. heavy
  • 09/2011 – 3rd place – American National – Brown Belt, Masters, open
  • 10/2010 – 2nd place – RJJA Annual – Brown Belt, Adult, open
  • 08/2010 – 1st place – Chicago Open -Brown Belt, Masters
  • 05/2010 – 1st place – Toledo BJJ Open -Brown Belt, Adult, open
  • 04/2010 – 3rd place – Pan/Ams -Brown Belt Masters, sup. heavy
  • 04/2009 – Received Brown Belt from Saulo Ribeiro
  • 10/2008 – 3rd place – RJJA Annual – Purple Belt
  • 06/2008 – 1st place – Buckeye Border – Purple Belt, sup. heavy
  • 06/2008 – 1st place – Buckeye Border – 1st place- Purple Belt, open
  • 09/2004 – 2nd place – SRJJA Annual – Blue Belt, Adult, sup. Heavy
  • 01/2004 – 1st place – Metropolitan Grapp. Classic – Blue Belt, sup.heavy

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