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Jay Gosnell | Head Fitness Kickboxing Coach

Jay Gosnell is the head of URSA FKB’s Fitness Kickboxing Program, a co-host of the 'BJJ Teaching Pro Podcast,' & a Coordinator of Client Success at URSA Academy. On any given night, you can spot him in a BJJ gi, training, wrapping his hands for fitness kickboxing, or even in the lobby, assisting new members. Jay does it all!

A lifelong student of the martial arts, Jay holds black belts in Shaolin Kenpo, Wing Chun (black sash,) & reached instructor level in Kali. He brings his varied striking experience to all of his fitness kickboxing classes to keep them fun, high energy, & rooted in effective self-defense martial arts.

He is also blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & actively trains in gi & no gi classes. His understanding of the game & the benefits he’s personally experienced through his lifetime of martial arts, makes him an excellent co-host on the ‘BJJ Teaching Pro Podcast’ with URSA Black Belt Professor, Kris Magers.

Jay hails from Miami, Florida. With every passing Michigan winter, we question his sanity for abandoning the beautiful, sunny weather, but we are thrilled to have him on our team at URSA Academy.

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