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Get In Great Shape Fast With Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes

Take on a true total-body workout today with our Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Ann Arbor. You'll keep your heart racing and your muscles moving like never before as you burn hundreds of calories in just one class. 

Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes at URSA Academy help men and women of all skills and abilities develop powerful strength and agility in no time.

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Fitness Kickboxing Offers You The Most Effective Workout In Ann Arbor

There's simply no other training program that's as exciting or motivating as our Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Ann Arbor. Our classes are always changing and keep you on your toes. You'll see concrete results in no time.

Push yourself with the help of the high-energy class around you and walk away knowing you gave it your all.

Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes can help you:

  • Burn fat and develop lean muscle
  • Enjoy healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Boost your cardiovascular endurance
  • Improve your strength, speed, and agility 

PLUS Fitness Kickboxing Can Provide You With A Great System Of Self-Defense

While our Fitness Kickboxing class centers on heavy bag and body-weight training, you'll walk away with a core set of skills that could be used in any real-world situation of violence.

Our skilled instructors work to help you develop: 

  • Rapid-fire punches
  • Powerful kicks
  • Blocks and self-defense strategies

You'll be more prepared than ever to face down a challenge and defend yourself at a moment's notice.

Join Us Today For The Best Fitness Kickboxing Classes In Ann Arbor

If you're not seeing the results you hoped for in your training program, it's time to make a change. Join us at URSA Academy today and get fit fast with our Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Ann Arbor.

We are proud to work with men and women of all backgrounds and abilities. All it takes is a little drive to see unbelievable results in no time.

To learn more or to get started today, all you have to do is fill out the short form on your screen!


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